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About Patrick Chouinard


Patrick Chouinard is a 37-year-old pro white journalist, radio personality, speaker and political activist.  He was born in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to European parents and raised in north-central Arkansas. Mr. Chouinard is contributing writer for The Barnes Review and The Renegade Tribune. He has appeared on NSM Media, Wolf Wall Street, The Realist Report, TBR Radio, Coast to Coast AM, and many other White Nationalist and mainstream talk shows.

His mother was a Soviet citizen born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, and his father was a college professor from Oxford. His father’s good friend, historian and political commentator Jack Walsh, was his mentor who Patrick taught much about the white Aryan race and its long and successful history. Patrick’s loyalties are to the White Aryan race first and foremost. He considers himself a cultural Christian, respectful of the role Christianity has played in the history of our race, and how Christianity once solidified and united our people. However, he views Christianity in its current form a hindrance to our interests. He agrees with Ben Klassen, that our loyalties should be to what is beneficial to the White Aryan race and that which hinders our evolution and betterment should be rejected. He believes that far too often our loyalties are placed in people and institutions which are a distraction to the further evolution of our species. Adolf Hitler once said: “We must raise a new man and a new ideal.” This statement encapsulates Patrick’s true quasi-religious convictions. Nietzsche spoke of the coming Superman, and in Chouinard's view the White Aryan race is the chosen people who will bring about the arrival of that superior, highly evolved race. Patrick Chouinard loves the White race even more than his own life, and believes we as a people have lost the potential for self-sacrifice, which is the reason our race is losing in the struggle for survival. The only way we are going to win, in his view, is to put aside all traditional religious and national loyalties, and instead embrace a new tradition of pan-Aryanism and the conviction that it does not matter if we are Irish, French, German, Russian, English, or Italian. What matters is that we are White. The only way we are going to reverse the damage the Jews have inflicted on us is to understand that we are at war and that we must utilize whatever means at our disposal to ensure victory. If we lose this battle we will perish, and the legacy of White humanity will be forever erased from the memory of mankind. We are fighting for the survival and rebirth of White civilization. The consequences of failure are the coming of a dark age, which will never end. Those are the beliefs and convictions of Patrick Chouinard, clear and simple.


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